Cello Ensembles for beginners, intermediate, advanced, college students and professional cellists

Katherine Decker 

  • How to Stop that Shaking: Performance Anxiety and Tension

Abran Garcia 

  • Using Effects Pedals with Your Cello

Cornelia Watkins 

  • 10 Mistakes Good Teachers Make

Andrew Smith   

  • Introduction to Thumb Position: The 2nd First Position

Walter Gray 

  • Strategies for Successful Auditions

Efrain Mungia

  • Cellito Lindo: Mexican folk music for cello ensemble

Tido Janssen

  • Playing a Baroque Cello. What’s the Difference?

Sam Matthews (Sam’s Strings)

  • Bow Making and Bow Rehairing

Louis Gassner (Antonio Strad Violins)

  • How to take Good Care of Your Instrument with Setup, Service and Adjustment